Danssup-Your Hip Hop Dance Learning App. Become A Pro In A Few Months!

Hip Hop is arguably the most popular dance form right now. There are many other dance forms that are quite popular with the general public, but it is hip hop that has taken the cake for being the most popular among the youth. With street dancing and street styles becoming the rage all around the world, it is only natural that there will be high demand for hip hop classes and hip hop dance gurus! 

With YouTube proving a lot of the hip hop choreography videos, it highly lacks in tutorial videos. Which is quite a bummer, but worry not, there is danssup-the dance app, for those like you that are looking for an alternative video platform where they can watch and learn dance. 

The app is full of tutorial videos from professional hip hop dancers. So if you lack that oomph or the pump in that dance step, you are better off learning from an actual dance guru on danssup than from watching random kids dancing in YouTube videos.  

Apart from hip hop classes, there are several other dance classes that you can attend online on danssup. Are you attending a wedding and need Bollywood choreography? You can learn it from danssup. 

Pro dancers can grow their  online dance classes  with danssup

If you have an affinity for teaching other than just performing on stage, you can conduct your dance classes online. Online visibility is extremely important at present to create name and recognition. Once you establish yourself online, you can rent out a dance studio and take classes in real-time! Danssup gives pro dancers an opportunity to earn while giving lessons to other dancers who are still lacking in some departments. You get to earn rewards and also become a VIP to double your earnings! 

Danssup is not just for learning but also made for entertainment

Scroll hundred of dance videos daily, like, share and comment with danssup! If you feel like you have the dancing talent and can make your body move to the rhythm, why not make a video and upload it on danssup? Show your talent to the whole world! Even if you are just a beginner, create fun dancing videos and upload them to get likes and comments! Danssup provided a platform for dancers worldwide to connect with each other through their love for dance! Partner up with someone from across the world and release a duet video! This dance app for girls can make you famous overnight!


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