8 Iconic Hip Hop Dance Moves Lessons to Learn Online

Is Dance an Addiction?

Some people say "yes, it is". While some others call it art. A few of them also say proudly "dance is life".

Quite confusing statements- isn't it?

So, what exactly dance is?

The professional dancers see dance in a different way when others have something different in mind. The points of view are different, but Dance is Dance. And if you too want to become a pro dancer, install the dance app on your mobile, and make dance learning handy, on the go!

Dance brings people together, spread happiness(when it's a family dance), express emotions(the contemporary dance forms), or just the casual/practical/thoughtful outbursts of current social happenings.

This is how the hip-hop dance came into the picture. Currently, there are many hip hop dance lessons available online which teach the advanced steps from the basic level in a step-by-step process.


The Current Hip-Hop Trends

The hip-hop rappers and the Hip-Hop dancers reflect joyfulness from their posture, the events they organize, and the shows they do. Nowadays, there is a separate dance form that exists as a hip-hop dance.

It again a mixture of several dance forms such as

Street Dance


Freestyle, and

Acrobatic Dance.

Considering the current world standards, the hip-hop dance form has reached its top-most level. The moves, the innovative ideas, have brought genres such as

Lyrical Hip-Hop




Robotics, and

Slow-Motion styles

These specialties have taken hip-hop dance to the extreme level where the dancers are providing mind-blowing/mind-boggling, spectacular, out of the world performances in the competitive stage shows and personal video albums.

Hip-Hop doesn't have a fixed, rigid style. Whenever something fascinating came, it got added to the hip-hop style, such an amazing liberal, and welcoming dance form makes anyone get grooving (moving and shaking our body with the hip-hop music) with the tune.

Can Anybody Learn Hip Hop Dance?

Hip-hop is the easiest dance to learn. Nowadays, one can easily learn any dance form(especially the hip-hop dance) installing and using anydance app on your mobile phone. Also, step-by-step hip hop dance lessons online are readily available on mobile or web applications.

Let's explore some of the movements, and get ready to rock the dance floor!



8 Iconic Steps


Cabbage Patch

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Learn How to Perform the Cabbage Dance



A simple yet cool dance move can bring you instant fame.

To Move it correctly, follow the steps below

Step 1: At first, you need to hold your hands like a fist

Step 2: Then move it across in a circular motion.

Step 3: Shake your waist a bit with the rhythm, and you are done!


Why It Is Called " Cabbage Dance"?


The name came from the Cabbage Patch Dolls, which were available earlier, in the 1990s. Maybe the movements are quite similar, as the name took this form.

You can implement or rather add some more steps to this cabbage patch Dance moves, to make it super cool.

Tips: While doing this step you can simply go backward with rhythmic stepovers, and come front in the same way. Thus, it will look more awesome!

To learn the Cabbage Dance step-by-step with perfection, check out the hip hop dance lessons online and become the attraction of the house parties.

Running Man

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Running Man Online Step-by-Step Tutorial

This dance step looks very simple, but too powerful, looks spectacular when performed on the dance stage.

Step-Wise Instructions to Follow

Step 1: You need to slide one foot and move it backward, while the other leg will be folded upwards.

Step 2: Then put the upper leg down, and slide the foot in a similar fashion, while the other leg will be folded upwards.

Step 3: Continue doing the same thing repeatedly, till you get this smart dance move.

The dance app has all the lessons in a step-by-step manner to teach you, Running Man, very easily.

Humpty Dance

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Step-by-Step Humpty Dance Tutorial Online

This funny dance move can make you popular among your friends.

Following are the steps


Step 1: Just move one hand inwards

Step 2:The other arm moves outwards.

Step 3:Move your legs to make it look more natural and funny,


The Prep

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The Prep Tutorial Online

This dance move is quite similar to the old school twist movements, can call it as an extended version of the Humpty Dance.

Steps To Follow:


Step 1: Twist your waist and shake it forward and backward,

Step 2: Move the arms and legs back and forth

Step 3: The arms and the legs should be reciprocal to each other (the right arm with

The left leg, and vice versa)

Continue the steps with the music, and you will be perfectly fine to go with this step confidently.

To know the steps in detail, take the help of the hip hop dance lessons online and be flawless.

The Butterfly

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The Butterfly Dance Strokes, Butterfly Dance Form, Butterfly Hip Hop Dance

Dancing for a long time, got tired? Do this step to grab attention! This also brings a breath of fresh air on the dance floor. A bit of relaxing exercise that removes stress.

Steps fro the Butterfly Dance


Step 1: Just follow the way, the butterflies fly,

Step 2: Bow down a little,

Step 3: Then roll your legs back and forth

Step 4: Rest your arms on the knees.

Step 5: Along with the legs, your arms also should roll back and forth.

That's all, you will get this step done!

Take a video and watch it later, believe it or not, you will look like a butterfly sailing around!



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Learn Popping and Locking, Popping and Locking Step-by-Step Tutorial


The most demanding, loving, and favorite step of the hip-hop dancers. When you do this along with Locking. Actually, popping will not look good if there is no locking involved.

Steps to Pop and Lock


Step 1: At first, you just have to form a wavy movement in your body, and that's called popping

Step 2: Then you pause for a while(that's locking)

Step 3: Then again continue moving just the way you were doing earlier.

Step 4: Don't think too much while doing the steps, just do it naturally however it comes.

Step 5: Just feel it, enjoy, and relax!

This movement can be done with any of your body parts. However you do, this will look superb!



It is not a separate movement, it comes along with popping. Popping and locking, they both are inter-connected, one will not exist in the absence of the other.

Break Dance/B-Boying


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Breakdance training online, B-Boying Training Online, Breakdance Lessons


Steps for B-Boying


Step 1:Lean angular on your back on the surface of a smooth floor

Step 2: Balance the legs upwards

Step 3: Have the complete balance on your back

Step 4: Move the right leg a little down in a 45-degree angle

Step 5: Slice and rotate it downwards from the middle

Step 6: Balance the load on your back and slide on the floor

Step 7: Follow the same motion with the left leg, and your body will start rotating

Step 8: Increase the speed gradually, and it's B-boying!

Breakdance or B-boying looks spectacular but also very difficult to master. You need years of practice with dedication and determination to perform this step with accuracy. But don't worry, you have the hip hop dance lessons online to assist you to become the best dancer.

So keep hunting for your dreams, don't give up, use the dance app, as you know ABCD, that is Any Body Can Dance.

And finally, if you like this article, please share it with your friends who you think are the dance addicts, or want to learn how to dance.

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