#mystyle Contest - An Online Dance Competition from 10 Jul 2020 to 24 Jul 2020

The Contest successfully completed on 24.JULY.2020. And with a big CONGRATULATIONS!, we release the 'achievers' list of the contest 'Unleash Your Best', as below:



Aaditya Preeti (@AadityaDmad)

abhie ghielle (@itsmeabhie17)

Akash Skykid Agarwal (@AkashAgarwalHiphop)

Akshay Tyagi AtYourSpace (@AkshayTyagiAtYourSpace)

Aman Jaiswal (@CalmShor)

ANKIT GADE (@ankitgade)

Archana CHOWDHURY (@crazyarchana)

Ayushi ambastha (@AaYushiie)

Ayushi Shah (@swaywithayu)

banka pragya (@praag)

Bhavya khanna (@Bhavya98)

Bikram Saha (@bikramsaha7161)

Dashrath ad (@dashrathravalwaacker)

Deepanshu gautam (@Deepanshu00)

DENZIL DENIS (@denzilchristopher)

Hanifa hiphopper (@HANIFA)

Jackson star (@jimijackson20)

jazz (@jazz24)

Jungle Entertainments (@Jungleee)

kd (@kalpxndancer)

Krati Bansal (@Dancepechance)

KUNAL_NAIK__ (@kunal027)

Laxman kumbhar (@laxmankumbhar1974)

Mac Mehta (@macmehta)

Meenakshi Gautam (@meenakshi0210)

Mr. Arvin Choreographer (@dancewitharvin)

Mrunali (@Munna2002)

Neha Bhardwaj At.YourSpace (@NehaBhardwajAtyourspace)

Nik (@danceeasy)

Preetam singh (@Preestyle)

Preeti Raut (@RautPreeti)

Prince Soni (@AalsiAadmi)

Priyanka Rokade (@PPriyanka27)

Rajat sdrboy (@rajat)

Richa kothari (@Richakothari)

RIYA THAKRE (@Riyathakre)

Rohan Rokade (@Rohan22)

Rudranshee jat (@Rudraa19)

Rupsha (@rupsha14)

Sagar Swarup (@sagarswarup)

Sam Vaidya (@Samvaidya21)

sandeep murmu (@iamsandeepmurmu)

ScienTist Abhi (@ScienTist)

Shivani sharma (@Dancewithshivani)

Shrikant Ahire (@shreebappa)

Shubham Balinge (@SHUBHAM89)

Shubham Mahawar (@shubham95)

Shubham Sapkale (@Shubhex28)

Sonali Mishra (@sonalmishra)

Stephanie Pereira (@SteffUp)

SUNNY PUROHIT (@Dancewithsunny)

Urooj Dance XDE (@uroojdancexde)

UV & dance company (@UVandDanceCompanyOfficial)

Vaishnavi (@v1707)

varsha Singh (@varsha)

yogita janghel (@yogij)


NOTEThe contest list is in Alphabetical order. Contestants not mentioned in the declared list either didn't achieve any 'like milestone' within the contest time frame or were disqualified for violating T&C* of the contest. For any such related query, write on contactus@danssup.com



In the continued process of refining your dance art, here is the challenge to unleash the best in you. Give your best dance performance in your forte/dance style and upload it on DANSSUP App, tagging it with #mystyle & then achieve ‘likes milestones’ on the contending video(s) to earn respective prizes. Now is the chance to win up to INR 15,000 (or, in Equivalent Dollars).

The Prizes are for
‘All Milestones achievers’!


How to participate:

[1] Just upload your best dance video(s) using #mystyle in the description of the video.
[2] Videos uploaded from 10.07.2020 to 24.07.2020 will be considered as valid entries.
[3] Highest 'likes' achieved on the contending video during the contest period shall enable the contender to claim respective prizes as the chart suggests below:


Number of Likes on contending video



1 Month Free User Subscription
(Worth INR 99)


INR 200 + 1 Month Free User Subscription (Worth INR 99)


INR 1500 + 1 Month Free User Subscription (Worth INR 99)


INR 5000 + 1 Month Free User Subscription (Worth INR 99)


INR 15000 + 1 Month Free User Subscription (Worth INR 99)



1.     Is there any participation fee for this contest?
Ans: No.

2.     When Can I participate?
Ans: The contest period is from 10.July.2020 to 24.July.2020. So, you may participate on any day in between. However, to excel in the contest, early participation is suggested.

3.     Do I have to mention any special category/dance style/Hashtag on the video?
Ans: You need to mention #mystyle in your contending video’s description.

4.    Can I upload multiple dance videos in the contest or single video is allowed?
Ans: You can upload multiple contending dance videos, however, only one video obtaining highest likes will be considered and the prize will be given on that single video only.

5.     How do I get my rewards?
Ans: Within 7 days of completing the contest, danssup team will inform winners through App notification/email, and the reward amount will be transferred through UPI/Paytm/Paypal only.

6.    Can I use my pre-recorded video(s) for the contest?
Ans: Yes, if it matches the contest’s parameters.

 7.    Can I keep uploading my usual dance videos on the app during the contest period?
Ans: Yes, all activities on the app are regular functional during the contest period too.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Dance video(s) of a minimum of 20 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes is allowed.
  • A dance video must be of the ‘user’ and not of another artist(s) or any graphic created performer/performance content.
  • Contending video doesn’t restrict on the basis of the performer’s gender, age, locations, or the number of performers in the video.
  • Performance may have any ‘permitted’ music or no music at all.
  • Every user will get only one reward, which is based on the highest number of likes obtained on his/her contending dance video.
  • The content of the video must be ‘dance’ and not be showing irrelevant or prohibited activity. Such videos or users or both will be disqualified and blocked immediately.
  • Any suspicious activity found to break the rules or defaming other’s content or the platform itself may lead to needful actions against.
  • User Subscription (Monthly) will be allotted as Promo codes / direct activation on the user's danssup account.
  • Contest starts from 10 July 2020 (12:00 AM GMT) to 24 July 2020 (11:59 PM GMT).
  • The authorized owner of the registered mobile number/email ID at present will be deemed to be the participant/withdrawal authority and must comply with these terms & conditions.
  • It is clarified that in addition to these terms and conditions, the Participant shall at all times be bound by the terms and conditions as imposed by Danssup ( terms and conditions) on the usage of its websites, microsites, app/ apps, etc.
  • The winning amount will be tax bound, as applicable. Thus, a government ID proof will be asked from the claiming users to transfer the reward amount.
  • Milestone capping/Withdrawal of contest or such related rights are reserved with Danssup in response to suspicious cases/technological failure/cyber attacks.
  • All rights reserved with Danssup.
  • For relevant queries and support write to us on ‘contactus@danssup.com’.