About Danssup Quiz Contests

Quiz Insight

  • The Danssup Quiz will be conducted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in a week.
  • Gifts are given on the total score obtained during the complete week (M, W, F).
  • The Quiz is in ‘objective type’ format with 4 options which consist of only 1 correct answer.
  • The right answer earns 10 points and the wrong one deducts 5 points.
  • The contestants will get only 15 seconds on each question to mark their answers (applicable on app builds released after 23 November 2020).
  • Marking wrong answers won’t disqualify any contestant.
  • To ‘avoid negative marking’ (skip), do not choose any option until the countdown is over.
  • You can use ‘LifeLine 50-50’ to eliminate 2 wrong choices. 50 Danssup coins will be used.
  • Gifts will be given within 7 working days from the quiz contest completion date.
  • Winners will be informed through in-app notification.
  • Participants with the same scores yet different ranks are placed based on the `time they took to complete the quiz` in the Rank List.


Points Vs Gifts Table


Points Earned



100 Danssup coins


1 Month User Subscription


₹200 or Equivalent USD

(In 5 consecutive weeks)

₹5000 or Equivalent USD


 *SUPER GIFT points are calculated for the 'consecutive quizzes' from the date the user first played the contest.


Terms and Conditions

  • A participant must be a valid Danssup registered ‘user’.
  • Users will get only one reward, which is based on the highest points earned on their Quiz.
  • Quiz content is framed from the information available in the public domain.
  • The purpose is ‘learning’ and not to change any facts.
  • Questions or any related content formed are not intended to hurt any one’s personal beliefs or religious sentiments.
  • Any suspicious activity found to break the rules or defaming the platform itself may lead to needful actions against.
  • Quiz format, Gifts, commercials, offerings, advertisements may be modified or changed at any time without prior notice.
  • The authorized owner of the registered mobile number/email ID at present will be deemed to be the participant/withdrawal authority and must comply with these terms & conditions.
  • It is clarified that in addition to these terms and conditions, the Participant shall at all times be bound by the terms and conditions as imposed by Danssup (terms and conditions) on the usage of its websites, microsites, app/ apps, etc.
  • The winning amount will be tax bound, as applicable. Thus, a government ID proof will be asked from the claiming users to transfer the reward amount.
  • All milestone achievers can upload their document(s) by following: MENU>SETTINGS>GET VERIFIED> UPLOAD DOCUMENT & ENTER UPI details.
  • To claim the rewards, the winners has to upload their document on the app and verify the account within 7 days from the completion of the Quiz. Danssup team response will be done through notification/email, and the reward amount will be transferred through UPI/PayTm/PayPal only.
  • The highest capping as FUP* of 10 top milestone achievers may be applied without prior notice.
  • Withdrawal of the Quiz or such related rights is reserved with the Danssup in response to suspicious cases/technological failure/cyber-attacks/etc.
  • All rights reserved with Danssup.
  • For relevant queries and support write to us at ‘contactus@danssup.com’.