Danssup App : One App platform connecting dancers to it’s base !!!

The app brings dancers from all around the globe together. It aims to inspire thousands to get down and get grooving! People from different races and ethnicities come together to inspire each other. The community speaks dance, and if you eat, sleep breathe dance, then here is a community that is waiting to welcome you in! The Danssup- Dance app is not only bringing you entertainment but also helps you learn and perfect your dancing techniques.

Learn online dance lessons to prepare for the next event!

Sure, you can head to YouTube and find the dance videos, but for beginners, it can be hard to learn the dance steps without a proper niche tutorial video. And another thing that YouTube lacks is the filter. You cannot filter out dance videos based on the dance forms that you want to learn! You have to sort through thousands of videos to find the one you like, but with danssup- dance app, user have flexibility to filter out videos based on the dance forms. This makes it easier for you to find the right online dance lessons be it hip hop or Bollywood!

While there are many street-style dance videos on online platforms, ballet videos are few. Even if there are, you really cannot learn ballet from just looking at the videos. But guess what, With Danssup - dance gurus offer online classes in ballet. If you are busy and cannot head to the real-time classes, attending online ballet classes is the perfect solution for you! With professional dance gurus in the community, you can seek their help and watch their dance videos on the loop to get the steps right!

Increase your earnings and earn rewards

The study says that people are the happiest when they follow their passion and turn into a profession. In today's digital world, there are several ways you can earn an income as a dance guru and one of them is by taking dance classes online for kids. You can always rent a studio and teach there, but providing dance classes online for kids will allow you to earn more. Apart from the extra money, you get to reach dance students across the borders and help these kids gain the confidence to just let loose and move their body to the rhythm.

You can also upload dance videos of your own and gain thousands of likes and following! You can become a dancing sensation and earn plenty of rewards from the likes and shares! You know how important it is to create an online following and visibility these days, and danssup helps you do exactly that.

Follow your favorite dance guru and become a pro

You can follow as many dancers as you want. You can watch thousands of dance videos and also find tutorials of your favorite professional dancers & choreographers !

Some of these videos focus mainly on fitness, if you are a fitness freak but hate going to the gym because let's be honest, the gym is B O R I N G, you can take dance fitness, online classes, right from your comfort of location ! Stretch your arms and move your hips to the dance fitness online videos and who knows you might dance better than Shakira in Hips Don't Lie in a few days!

Seek out fresh talent to join your troupe 

Many directors of dance are constantly on the hunt for new talent that they can add to their troupe. But holding auditions in venues can have lots of limitations like--participants from all over the world cannot take part in the audition and in dance, you do not discriminate. You can find some real gems if you conduct auditions and callout dancers based on their profile at danssup app.  

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