_____Danssup Battle Information____

FAQs :

1.    What is the ‘battle’  ?
Danssup facilitates its users to throw/join dance challenges with other users and prove their dance skills to the world.

2.    What are 'Danssup Diamonds'  ?
Danssup diamond is the representation of the points earned by winning dance battles.

3.    How to throw a dance challenge?
Danssup App > Battle > Click on '+' button and record/upload dance challenge video.

4.    How to accept/participate in dance challenge?
Danssup App > Battle > Choose video (full screen) > Click on ‘challenge’ button > record challenge and upload.

5.    How a winner is decided?
Battle host can choose battle/challenge duration from 24hrs/48hrs/72hrs and is enforced only once the challenge is accepted and uploaded by any challenger. One who earns maximum votes/likes  in the duration wins the challenge.

6.    How many danssup coins are needed to be paid?
A user can throw a challenge using danssup coins from 10 to 1000. Higher the number of danssup coins, higher the number of danssup diamonds will be earned on every battle won.

7.    What are the rewards?
'Danssup diamonds'  are the rewards that are earned by winning dance battles and further these diamonds can be used to redeem the services offered.

8.    What are different battle view categories?

  • Vote your favorite : this list shows the battle videos that are yet to be explored
  • Hot Battles : Battles that are getting more attention is trending here.
  • Open challenge : The host videos that are open for challenge.
  • Battles I voted : List of battle videos where you have already voted.

9. How do I win more battles and rewards?
Challenge as many users you want. Bet on more Danssup coins to have a better return. Also, share your battle video on all social media platforms and your friends & family to earn more votes. Most importantly, dance like the best you do!


Query: contactus@danssup.com