A skill for human growth:
Dance is powerful; it’s not just an entertainment piece but something much beyond that. What we know as ‘dance’ is actually a set of skills that combines together to create the art.
Or, vice versa one can ‘practice dance’ to improve their skill set for an overall personality growth.

Set Sweat & Shape:
Dance is majorly a physical exercise. Combining all energies and focusing it to physical movements on beats is the most productive method to sweat out. Enough studies have proven the rhythmic exercise is far better than uneven workouts. Sweating isn’t just the goal, because one can get that out of stress too. But, doing it in rhythm and happy mood is what makes it more perfect and productive.
Dancing is considered to be one of the best exercises to keep your body in shape following with more benefits in respiratory system & blood pressure. A soft ‘crack and rebuild’ cycle of muscles during dance makes it stronger and flexible.

A mind mechanism:
While you are creating ‘choreography’, you are putting your mind at a creative job. Something that’s not regular yet joyful.
One can certainly improve:
Non-verbal communication:
One does practice communicating through music, facial expressions and gestures. In Bharatnatyam style of dance, the exercise of communicating through facial expression is called ‘Rasa’.

Quick thinking:
Remember the next in the row. Memories the whole sequence. Make sure your body reacts rhythmically on the music. This all contributes to quick response and thinking.
Problem Solving:
One practices to make different sets and number of dancers to follow the sequence  on the same music and might be on different size of the stages provided with different or no properties to perform with. But at the end of the day the sequence has to be designed with all permutations and combinations available.
either it’s about a duo performance or a whole group of multiple people. Dance teaches you team work. Bringing people from different state of mind to a single synergy is an art.
Not all music and style of dance has similar flavor yet the art teaches you to test different dance styles challenging your comfort zone. You can be leading the dance group or be standing in the last row of the performer but at the end it teaches you to play the role of adaptability.
While you are on stage, it’s a sense of responsibility unlike your feet moving in a dance disc/pub, a dance for ‘performance’ brings you a little of responsibility for yourself and if you have a partner dancing with you, lifting or performing power moves adds the pressure which results in a positive outcome.

Awareness is the key:
James brown once said ‘One thing that can solve our most of our problems is DANCE’. Movement is a basic or the first form of communication. And dance is used to express our inner most expressions without lying.  Dance therapy is a skill which helps individual to improve on their mental, physical & emotional health.

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