Dance through Will, Talent, Training!

Dance at will or talent or training!

Either little or much, Dance has always been a part of one's life! It's not a pre-decided attempt always. One needs no special environment to shake legs a bit. Leaving all odds behind, a dance without a thought is what that lights up one's mood! How much you have learnt is always lesser than the will of improvement.

Dance it out of heart!
When the joy of moving your body happens, it breaks the rules book of dance. Grooving a bit on music is all that takes to enjoy the rhythmic nature of the body and soul. However, the shyness or the busy schedule of one’s life has always been a hurdle to this little joy as the one fails to acknowledge the same. Taking a moment out of your day and feeling the music and let it flow through your body is actually a stress busting therapy. No rules, No judgments and No pressure of being presentable or as they say "dance as if no one is watching."

Friendly to the beats!
This feels a bit special, yes! As it’s a gift that one’s soul feels connected to the rhythm and responds better through body moves than many others. No, it’s not about drawing a line between the one ‘out of beats’, but certainly it’s a feeling ‘on the sky’ once you can literally groove on any music where every genre of the music is ‘your cup of tea’! Or as they say, "Dance has no language but it itself is the one"!
This edged connection with the dance is a rare talent which certainly helps an individual to improve at speed and excel with a better grip.

Training makes the one perfect!
Dance is a beautiful irony of rules and freedom! When you are just dancing it out then, it has no rules or boundaries to be taken care off, but when you are ‘performing’, its completely a different game all together. There are various areas that has to be taken care off, like which dance form the one is attemptingeven it is a freestyle dance, that doesn’t mean the dancer need not to be presentable. Even if it is about Hip Hop culture which is considered to be taken ‘off the stage’ art, the dancer needs to understand the basics/foundation of the particular stream, if it is the krump or breaking or lock/pop all has different recommendation and that’s how they are spotted as unique form. This gets even deeper and robust when classical dance styles like Kathak, Contemporary, Bharatnatyam, Ballet, etc. are taken in the context.

Drawing a set of rules in attire, postures, beat sense, choreography and many more aspects doesn’t mean that they lose the musicality or the feel of the art. In factexpression of the emotions/story is one of the brightest dimensions that these styles embrace perfectly through intense practice and training.
Learning dance and above that the long hours of practice and sweat is the only way possible to do the miracle while performing and leaving no or minimum errors on the stage. As they say it, “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.

While on the journey of the dance, it’s always a great cocktail to embrace ‘will, talent and training’ together! Danssup is one of the shining options for such artists as it’s the only dance centric mobile app that allows a keen dancer to grow and prove him/her self to the world and more importantly to themselves. The bigger opportunities and dance community on the platform are always welcoming the interested artist(s) to let flourish and explore the art in a unique way.

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