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Salsa is a popular dance style which originated in the Caribbean countries. If you want to learn this seductive dance form then Danssup is there to help you. This Latin Dance form is currently very popular all across the globe. It is the perfect combination of Cuban dances as well as American Jazz dances. Salsa is gaining popularity in India too. Renowned dancers like Namrata wittke with Elvis Mascarenhas, Shakti Mohan and Bad Salsa (Kolkata) are making this dance style more and more popular.

Danssup, the ideal dance app, is a perfect gift for all the dance lovers out there. It entertains, guides, grooms as well as teaches you all the details of dancing. Danssup is a platform where you can upload your dance videos as well as learn and enjoy other’s performances.

If you want to watch or learn or even share salsa dance online, you can use this amazing dance app to reach out to the huge dance community. Coming back to Salsa, here’s some basic details. Danssup as a community believes that before learning a style, it is essential to know all the details about the dance form. Here you go:

History of Salsa:

The term Salsa originated during the 1960s in New York City. In those days, Salsa was the amalgamation of several dance forms like Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, and Son Montuno etc. This dance form has experienced several variations. Modifications and improvements over the years.

Types of Salsa dance style:

There are various styles of Salsa. People belonging to different nations have their own version of Salsa dance style. The international dance community has made this dance form extremely popular all over the world. Following are the wide variety of salsa dance forms. Let’s have a look:

  • Cuban salsa – Cuba: Another name of this dance style is afro Cuban salsa. Pure hip movements are a prominent feature of this dance style. The dancers in this style do not prefer to choreograph a straight line performance. Instead, they prefer dancing in circles. We can witness some complicated arm movements, while the footwork is incredibly simple. Both creates a perfect balance and make the dance quite appealing to the eyes. The male partner is always in a dominating mode in this dance style.
  • Colombian Salsa – Colombia: This dance style has originated from Cumbia - a type of music. This dance style is widely popular in South and Latin American countries. Foot tap is the prominent feature in this type of salsa. The footwork is different as compared to other dance styles. The dancers tend to move the foot back or side to centre. They do not move their foot in a normal backward and forward direction. If a couple is performing this dance style, they have to dance in close proximity.
  • Casino Rueda Salsa – Cuba: It is a type of Central American dance style. It gradually developed in the city of Havana. In this dance style, one dancer demonstrates the dance moves which others have to follow. Also, a dominant feature of this dance style is partner swapping. The entire performance seems so attractive and appealing.
  • Miami Salsa – United States of America: This dance style takes heavy inspiration from the Cuban salsa. It is more complicated as compared to other salsa styles. The dancers involved in Miami salsa have to be extremely flexible. Again, this style involves circular dance moves instead of the linear ones. Open breaks and foot taps are prominent features of this dance style.
  • New York Salsa – United States of America: This style is also known as Mambo. Eddie Torres started this dance form in the 1960s. The dancers indulge in turn patterns and linear dance moves. Also, this style needs a complicated footwork and capacity to deliver multiple spins. This dance style exhibits Afro Cuban dance moves in an elegant style.

All the above styles have some variations as well as some similarities. You can learn any style according to your choice and location. And if by chance you face any problem in going to a dance academy for learning the dance form, then you can learn salsa dance online too. Couples too, who are getting married soon and want to deliver an outstanding dance performance on the eve of their engagement, can learn salsa dance online. There are many apps that provide online dance lessons for couples. For instance Danssup is the topmost dance app that promotes dance in all its glory.

Danssup is the best platform that gives the users a chance to upload dance videos, showcase their talent, monetise their talent by getting a chance to perform in event as well as learn from celebrity choreographers and professional dancers. The users get an easy access to the international dance community.

This dance app lets you reveal your fun side via videos as well as allow you to enjoy the dance performances of others. You can also learn salsa dance online using Danssup.

It does not matter whether you are a professional dancer or just a beginner, or a common man who loves to watch others’ dance performances, Danssup has something for everyone. With a lot to offer and a user friendly interface, this dance app is the perfect choice for all the dance lovers.

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